Welcome to Tongan Youth Trust To’utupu Tonga Trust

The To’utupu Tonga Trust /Tongan Youth Trust was established in 1996 by a small group of practitioners from various occupations who have a passion for Tongan youth. The small group established a charitable trust with a focus on accommodating Tongan youth and families who found it difficult to settle effectively in the context of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Our vision: 

To equip Tongan Youth and their Kainga (families) with the skills, education, and confidence to be positive, successful, productive members of the community.

Our Goal:

To impact and influence the well being of vulnerable Tongan Youth and their Kainga, by implementing equality, exclusivity through education; ensuring the best possible outcome for their futures.

Our Services are delivered in a culturally sensitive way to meet the needs of Tongan youth and fall into 3 key categories:

Personal Development Services

More resilient self-assured Tongan young people.

Education Support Services

Tongan young people equipped to succeed in the NZ education system.

Essential Life Skills

Competent Tongan young people prepared for adulthood.