Welcome to:

To’utupu Tonga Trust / Tongan Youth Trust.

Investing in Youth Guarantees a Brighter FUTURE. A Brighter FUTURE Guarantees the Wellbeing of their KAINGA.

Our Vision:

To enhance and equip Tongan and Pasifika youth and their families with the skills, education, and confidence to be engaged, connected, resilient and thriving members of the community.

Our Mission:

To impact and influence the wellbeing of vulnerable and low-income Tongan and Pasifika youth and their families, by implementing equality and inclusivity through education; thus ensuring greater and more sustainable outcomes for their futures. The Trust seeks to increase the connectedness of the Pasifika community, and impact the lives of the family unit in New Zealand as a whole.

Our Aim:

To raise the aspirations of Tongan youth and give them a sense of self-worth, lead to provide higher education, proper employment opportunities and contributing actively to society. To bring this about, it is necessary to help the parents and their Kainga overcome their communications barriers, cultural differences and understand New Zealand contexts so they can support their children and appreciate the opportunities being offered and take full advantage of them.

Our Services:

The Tongan Youth Trust facilitates NCEA youth mentoring hubs, retreats, workshops, and youth awards events, and includes guidance towards future training and sustained educational achievement. The Trust partners and engages with families to encourage and educate in order to support family and the community to thrive.


TYT provides services in a culturally sensitive way to meet the particular needs of Tongan and Pasifika youth and their Kainga through:

More resilient self-assured Tongan and Pasifika young people and their Kainga.

Tongan and Pasifika young people equipped to succeed in the NZ education system. Kainga will gain a better understanding of the NZ education system and how to support them.

Competent Tongan and Pasifika young people prepared for adulthood. Kainga workshops, advocating English language fluency, translation and confidence in communication, opportunities for further education or employment.