Pacific Community Safety Patrol (PCSP).

TYT was requested by the Avondale Police station to assist in patrolling around the Auckland city area. It was aimed at reducing various forms of crimes such as Youth crimes (including gangs), public youth complaints, burglary,  threatening behaviour, verbal abuse to local residents, racial abuse, damages to private properties, graffitti, incidents with large groups of youth in the town centres that takes place in the Auckland city area. The Wardens were Pasifika men and women who mostly knew the youth involved and their families. Every night certain "Hot Spot" areas were selected for the Wardens to patrol. The Wardens also pastrolled at festivals and main events such as ASB polyfest and many more.
The following outcomes were achieved:
1) Most of the youth became familiar with the wardens and respected them.
2) The relationship between TYT with the Police officers, store owners and families became stronger.
3) We gained a lot of trust from the community and became well known in the community.  
Warden staff
Warden, police officer and people of the community.
Warden and store owners