This core service has 6 active educational programmes. Ranging from Primary to High school learners and first year university, we cater to journey with students throughout their education. The aim of this programme is to improve the numeracy and literacy levels of students. Also, assisting in supporting the high school learners to fulfil and accomplish their goals and credits.

This term means ‘swimming to the sky’. A mentoring programme for Primary & Intermediate learners. This programme aims to develop the numeracy and literacy skills of primary and intermediate students to fulfil their potential learning level.
EJ-5 stands for educational Journey 5. This programme is delivered by our Takaua mentors for high school learners from Year 9 – Year 13 and first year of university students. Students work with the Takaua mentors and are given tools and skills to support their academic work from school.
This is a study retreat away from home. It involves talanoa sessions, team building activities, workships, mentoring and study sessions; one on one with their mentors. It is also to build the confidence in a group and with each other.
This is an online learning platform for families who cannot attend the face-to-face sessions. It is also an extra study time for the senior students if they need it.
Connecting with schools to journey with them and their vulnerable students.
This programme incorporates formal learning with a cultural context in a community supported environment. It is aimed to kickstart Pasifika interest in further pursuing a sustainable career in the Horticultural sector and/or further Agriculture/Horticulture studies. Also, to grow the skills, capability, and confidence of our local Pacific community.


  • Talaifale [Advice] Service
  • Tauhi [Pastoral Service
  • Matu’a [Parents] Support
  • To’utupu [Youth] Support
  • Fanongo Talanoa [Violence]
  • These social services are created to support each individual member of a family. We journey with them to offer pastoral care using the To’utupu model. Experts in different fields who are volunteers also cater to the needs of the families if needed. The Takaua mentoring programme contains four robust activities. The essential of the service is journey strategically with referrals (students, young people, parents) until they achieve goals. Takaua mentoring service also applies within the Ako lelei Education Programme, Mo’ui lelei Health Programme and other services of the Trust


  • Christchurch Branch
  • Tauranga Branch
  • Whangarei Branch
  • Hamilton Branch
  • Our services have reached the South Island, Christchurch and we have a TYT base currently running similar programmes as Auckland. This programme emerged during the first lockdown for COVID-19. The Ministry of Pacific People, provided a grant aiming at community groups to work jointly with another group outside its based city. That small amount of funding was helpful, therefore the Trust managed to open new branches in Christchurch and Hamilton. The name ‘Kafataha’ means ‘One Rope’. Tongan Youth Trust branches operate from various cities but connecting by the same system and management.


  • Recording Videos
  • Social Media: FaceBook, Instagram, Tiktok
  • Radio
  • Website
  • Ope Online
  • TYT newsletter
  •  Media platforms are what connects TYT to the NZ and the nationwide. We aim to encourage and support the community and public on TYT projects and services. The Ngaluope (Online) Programme was developed during COVID-19 where the Trust delivered services online as COVID-19 restrictions prevented us from face-to-face activities. The Ngaluope programme is delivered by Tongan Youth Trust utilizing online platforms such as social media (FaceBook, Instagram, etc). We have also utilized a radio programme for entertainment and news from TYT. The purpose of utilizing online platform was to stay connected with the families of the Trust and the wider community.


  • Tufa Food Distribute
  • Toutaiola: Kupenga net fishing, Spearing, Boat fishing.
  • Tokanga: Kumala plantation, toutupu gardening, community vegetable gardens
  • This programme was one of the COVID-19 response projects. During the first lockdown, many families struggled with providing food for their families. We worked together with The Hope church in Onehunga, The Village in West Auckland and Salvation Army to provide food parcels for these families. It is also an opportunity for our students to work voluntarily to pack the food parcels. Tokanga and Toutaiola were supported by MPP to teach children about becoming life-providers for their famlies.


  • Vaccination Promotion
  • To’utupu Health
  • The Mo’ui Health Programme provides advice and information about health related topics and important information about COVID-19. The Trust has also participated in Mega Pacific Vax (MPV). Mo’ui health programme utilizes health services which benefit the youth, families and the Tongan Community. One of the issues within the health sector has been rheumatic fever and within the Mo’ui lelei health programme we have had a campaign in regards to this critical issue within our community.


  • Lea Faka-Tonga Project
  • Aati Faka-Tonga
  • Mahu’inga Kiwi
  • This programme delivers cultural values, languages and traditional culture. This programme encourages the youth to obtain their mother tongue, traditions and values of the Tongan culture. The Trust will be able to support Tongan Youth living in New Zealand to respectfully utilize their cultural their cultural values within the current context in which they are in.


  • Fohenou Highchool: Advising Tongan Youth Trust, Scholarship Support, Student Matters, Social Issues, and Community Issues.
  • Foheloa Youth: Tongan Youth Trust advisors, Professional Connections, Professional Development.
  • The Fohe leadership programme is formed with two strands and activities. It is metaphorically applying to kalia canoe oars, foheloa and fohenou. The programme caters to youth and young adults. It delivers training strategies which equips young people with leadership skills and tools to prepare youth as future leaders.


  • The Koneki Community Programme was designed to portray the involvement and connection of the Tongan Youth Trust within the wider community and what we do as a Trust to support out fellow community organizations and other partners. This service caters to the needs of community groups, churches, government agencies and stakeholders