Community TalanOA

On Friday the 17th, June 2022 a community meeting was held to discuss and reconcile the issues of gang violence and shootings that involve most Tongan youths. Gang violence is not a new topic, and this is not the first time Tongan Youth Trust has hosted this Talanoa with the community regarding this matter. However, this matter is increasingly impacting our community and leaders from the Tongan community including church leaders have raised this as concerning.....

The launch of the akongoue program

At the beginning of the year, a new program was launched by Tongan Youth Trust known as the Akongoue Horticulture Programme. The goal of the program is to equip pacific youths with uplifting skills and a career pathway in the horticulture sector. The Akongoue/Horticulture is a massive demand in New Zealand as it is the fastest-growing sector, but there is less interest in horticulture shown from Tongan and Pacific youth........

tongan youth trust supporting mmt

The sea of red once again filled up Mt Smart Stadium with the melody of hymns and Tongan songs, the red flags waving in the sky and witnessing so many Tongan youths here in New Zealand embracing their culture. It’s the spirit-lifting of the little kingdom that is only shown when the Tongan community comes together in chanting to support the Rugby League team. The pride and passion shown by the Tongan community can be a good example to teach our Tongan youths to understand the importance of the core values that have been strictly taught through generations.....

tongan youth trust celebrating MATARIKI

This year Tongan Youth Trust alongside the whole of New Zealand celebrates the first Matariki [the Maori New Year]. It was announced as an official public holiday marked on the 24th of June 2022. One of the meanings of Matariki is “new beginning” which identifies as: