The sea of red once again filled up Mt Smart Stadium with the melody of hymns and Tongan songs, the red flags waving in the sky and witnessing so many Tongan youths here in New Zealand embracing their culture. It’s the spirit-lifting of the little kingdom that is only shown when the Tongan community comes together in chanting to support the Rugby League team. The pride and passion shown by the Tongan community can be a good example to teach our Tongan youths to understand the importance of the core values that have been strictly taught through generations.


These are the morals and values that built up the Tongan Youth Trust from the start, such as using the Tongan core values, and Tonga supporting Tonga to strengthen the life of an individual pacific youth living here in New Zealand. The world is stunned at the amount of support and love that a little nation can give to the MMT team and the dedication of their life to Tongan the poor land where they grew up at.


As a support to the MMT vs Kiwi game, Tongan Youth Trust got involved in the MMT Vax. In thoughts of recruiting more people to get their COVID vaccination. The idea helped increased the number of vaccinations in return for a ticket to the MMT vs Kiwi game.


One of Tongan Youth Trust’s visions is to use the same method to attract the attention of the youths to focus on school. This implies for students to really hit the books and study hard and always remember their roots.